Located in the Gulf of Gabes, the island of Djerba is also called "La Douce" or "the Gentle". In the tale of Odysseus it should have been the island of the lotus eaters.

Djerba has a floor area of approximately 500 km², and the highest point of the island is 52 meters above the sea. Known for its white sandy beaches Djerba has a large tourist area.

The capital of the island is called Houmt Souk and is well known for its markets (Monday and Thursday). In the covered souks you will find a numerous selection of pottery, silver jewelery and leather goods.

Do not miss the port of Houmt Souk. In a picturesque small coffee, you can enjoy a mint tea or a Turkish coffee and if you want you can also smoke a water pipe (called chicha) .

Next to the harbor is the Spanish fortress "Ghazi Mustapha". It symbolizes the assaults of the Christians against the Berbers and Turks. In 1560 the pirate Dragut surprised the Spanish troops and conquered the fortress. To celebrate his victory, Dragut killed 5000 Spanish prisoners and built with their heads a tower, which he called "Borj Erruss". This tower was destroyed in 1848.

Guellala is the village of the potters. The Art and Tradition Museum is located on the highest hill of the island. You can discover the typical architecture of Djerba and traditional costumes are still worn during weddings and festivals.

Thanks to small freshwater reserves Mahboubine is the only little oasis on the island. However, these are private gardens with flowering vegetation, thousands of date palms, olive trees, pomegranate and citrus fruits. The rest of the island has a semi-desert climate. Since there are no sources of fresh water on the island, this is powered by a pipeline across the Romans dam with water.

In the south of the island, the Romans causeway links Djerba to the mainland. To the east, in Ajim, there is a ferry. This fishing village is also famous for its sponge divers.

Midoun is the second largest city on the island. Closer to the tourist area as Houmt Souk, Midoun is especially visited on Fridays during the big market day.

In Erriadh you`ll find the synagogue of El Ghriba. The island of Djerba, which had to endure a lot of conquest and looting in the past, is now a port of peace. Proof of this is the existence of a community of more than 1,500 Jews living peacefully with the Muslims.

The island of Djerba is an excellent departure point for excursions to the south of the country. If you want to have an adventure, then spend two days in the desert with the nomads.
But if you prefer a cozy atmosphere, then it is to get to the edge of the Sahara in one day by bus.

The taxi is the easiest way of transportation. Compared to Europe, prices are very very low. They all have a counter and fixed prices. You can not leave the island per taxi.
Car rentals are located in the tourist area, in Houmt Souk and Midoun.

If you like sports holidays they have different occasions:
Horse Riding

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